TV Show PH News and Kindness in Humanity Restored

“Shocking and saddening.” This is how actress Kim Chiu described what will happen in the long-awaited ABS-CBN series “Love Thy Woman” which is now being watched on Kapamilya Channel and from Monday to Friday.

In an interview with Kim on “Hotspot” hosted by DJ Jhai Ho, he shared that viewers need to focus on what will happen this week.

“They will be sad in the next coming days, that’s all. They will not be angry with Dana (Yam Concepcion) or feel sorry for Jia (Kim) but I’m sure they will be sad because of an incident,” said Kim.

“Even we were sad when we read the script … So do not let them go because we prepared for the events everyday and we were also surprised,” Kim added.

According to Kim, in the midst of what is happening because of COVID-19, it is a big help that they are together on the set of the series and support each other.

“We all bonded very well with the ‘Love Thy Woman’ cast. She had a different setup because we were small and the people were limited. And the experience was different but it’s super fun and we are happy that so much has happened this past few weeks , isn’t it? So we faced that together, “said Kim.

“We work together there, and at the same time we just eat stress. We just eat and at least we are together and we do what we need at work,” said Kim.

It called that before returning to work, Kim became engrossed in the news because of her “forbidden exit” statement.

But now, Kim insists that she learned from what happened and she has no resentment.
“I don’t have any anger accumulated inside me … It’s just a learning experience. After everything that has happened so we can still stand on something that we have been let down too much. At the end of the day, you still have “Two feet, you can still walk, you are not paralysis. So it’s okay,” said Kim.

In other news, At the age of 17, Alyana “Yana” Bautista had many dreams.

This includes learning to drive, be the captain of the upcoming women’s football team at Ateneo De Manila University and take home a championship for school.

But it disappeared in an instant when Bautista passed away due to complications with COVID-19.

The story of her sister Martie, March when Yana felt strange in her movements.

“She felt a tingle, on her left foot then she climbed left arm she couldn’t grasp or hold then she went up brain. Her eyes were going in different directions. So at the moment we were like ‘we need to get her to the hospital ‘, ”said Bautista.

Yana was diagnosed with ADEM or inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.

Yana tried therapy but her symptoms kept coming back until the specialist persuaded the family to give the girl a COVID-19 test even though she did not have typical COVID-19 symptoms.

The 17-year-old turned out to be positive in the result.

“The direction of the doctor he says there have been studies across the UK and Australia.
that there is like a strain of COVID-19 that is not like we see in the media that affects the lungs that gives pneumonia it actually attacks the central nervous system and instigates ADEM, ”said Martie.

A study in London found that some patients with COVID-19 found brain inflammation or the rare disorder ADEM.

Last week, Yana was taken to the intensive care unit because her condition suddenly became critical.

“Like a snap of the finger they just gave us the news she’s gone and it just felt so unreal,” he added.

The Bautista family thanked all those who sympathized with them, even those they did not know.

But they surprised at what had happened to the younger brother.

Martie also remembers the late brother who was her mainstay.

“She’s 17 and I’m 23 and I ask advise from her she’s just a beautiful and kindhearted person,” said Martie.

The Bautista family now wants to know more about the other effects of COVID-19.

They also want to remember the life of Yanna who at an early age showed courage inside and outside the football field.