Poverty Right Next To Me

I am here in the country where I was born. The place where many people stand in “No People Here” – a place where many people cross the “No Cross Here Deadly” and a place where many saleslady in stockings. With high heels and full makeup .

My realised that it is really easy for you to die here in the Philippines. The government system has been so hard to trust in them and even have hope in the current leaders or the new people running. Darn it, I really don’t want to talk to the government.
It takes time, the process is very long. As if you spent time waiting for the passengers in the jeep. Stomach hardening and aching, as long as his jeep is not full he will not work. After that intense wait is waiting for traffic.
I had walked more faster I would have been three minutes ahead. While waiting in the traffic here you can do things you can not do because you may be late. Do not be surprised if there is a crunch next to you . The others have no manners then crunch immediately under the seat, on the handle, on the wall, behind you. The others who have education will first circle and then squeeze.When you are lucky you will go to the one he pinched.

Innovative , it’s really hard to live in “Third World Country”

Those street children, mad dogs, stupid jeep drivers and cockroaches. If you are lucky, those children will grab you.You will be bitten by a mad vicious dog and you will have no fight. Because if you beat the mad dog you are even crazier than him.
He wants to take you down (even if you are not at your destination yet) and those cockroaches will not be afraid of you. We are also here with the scattered shit or poop on the streets and canals.

A while ago there were two women in a rut who rode in a jeepney. The driver did not want to take them on board. Driver replied “It’s not your stink” I don’t know if I will laugh or if I want to support that driver. he despises his own neighbour . At least those two deaf girls look stinky. They still try to ride. They are both extremely rude to you rugby residents.
While the jeep was moving. I watched them. The other one was looking into the distance while his hair was flying like wire in hardness. If he was lucky the lice were also flying. The lice kingdom was in turmoil while the jeep was running fast.

The Saddest part

I was looking closely at the woman’s hair if there were any lice flying. The one with her shouted “You or staring at you, you want something from my friend no.You are still a virgin! ” I laughed out loud.
I immediately saw his teeth that was incomplete. He just smiled. I just smiled widely and showed him the cute techniques. The witch shuddered winked at me back. It was post mama for.
Before I went down. I saw his slippers in different pairs. My heart was broken. Seeing this makes my heart cry, yearning for a better future for the country. The people rather witnessing how corrupt the system is. The more we should invest on the youth of this nation. For more education and rise together as one and make a stand for this nation to prosper beautifully with grace.