Making ECQ Worth While

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally?
Irritable because you feel you are locked up in your home?
Desperate because you do not know how long this crisis will last?

If this is how you feel, you may be experiencing cabin fever. This is our body’s reaction towards isolation or being in a place for a long period of time. Now that our Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has been extended for two weeks, how are you? Are you still clinging? Here are some simple ways to overcome cabin fever.


Do you know why at the beginning of the day your energy goes down? Because you let yourself roll over in bed. When you wake up, you immediately touch the phone, and you are surprised that you have been scrolling the newsfeed for hours. You are still in bed, your mind is not ready yet, you have absorbed all the negativity from social media immediately.

So before you check your FB, get up first and meditate or quiet time. You can pray, you can say what you are grateful for, you can read God’s Word. Feed your soul first before you dive into your newsfeed. Encourage yourself first thing in the morning before you dive into the world. If you do this, you would find yourself having a better outlook on life and with this crisis.


We don’t just eat, we just eat and eat again. We should also do something like cleaning the house or looking for possible sources online.

Home quarantine does not mean we can no longer earn. We can also look for jobs online so that our time is not wasted.


If before your default mode was work, now find time to have a hobby. It will break the monotony of your “as usual” quarantine day. It’s really sad when you just see the same thing and do the same thing. So, find something that would excite you. Go online, read a book, play sports and learn something new. Now that we have exceeded our time on our hands, now is the right opportunity to pursue the thing that you have been putting off for the longest time.


Definitly! For businesses today, it is also the time to plan what to do after this crisis. We also see the importance of online today.


Although it is important that you find something that would break the monotony of your day, it is still better that you give your day a structure. Make a routine and do your best to follow it. A routine is like a map or a guide on how you want your day to turn out. As you follow it, you will have a sense of organisation and accomplishment, and the important thing is that you can have the feeling that your day has direction. Even if we are living in uncertain times, it is always better that we train our minds to seek direction. Direction points us to our purpose, and if we are living according to our purpose, we can overcome this crisis. We have reason to cling to the Lord and continue the battle of life.

“Daily routine is important to be more productive and not get bored in today’s time.”


How do you feel now that ECQ has been extended?
What does your day look like? What are you doing?
How do you fight boredom or cabin fever?
What kind of Hobbies are you planning to do?
Are you goals obtainable and realistic to accomplish?