A Healthy and Secure Mind

Since many are now at home, many may not even know what to do. Very bored at home. That’s why I thought of creating this blog to make our home quarantine productive.

It is very important to


We don’t just eat, we just eat and eat again. We should also do something like cleaning the house or looking for possible sources online.Home quarantine does not mean we can no longer earn. We can also look for jobs online so that our time is not wasted.


Let’s not just spend our time watching shows. It would be better if we also have a routine to do so that we know when it is time to watch and what time we should do something or read.

Learn new things! There is a lot of time now to learn different things. There is also plenty of time today to meditate and get to know ourselves better and our faith in the Lord.


Definitly! For businesses today, it is also the time to plan what to do after this crisis. We also see the importance of online today.

This is also a good start to change our outlook on our aging and our financial plans in life. Let us not let a day go by that we do nothing meaningful.

“The idle mind is the playground of the devil.”


What routine do you do daily in the current quarantine life?
How do you use your time to make what you do more rewarding?
What are your financial plans now that you have experienced this crisis?

Many of us are scared now because of the events in our country. There is the fear of losing food, losing a job, losing a business and much more.

So now, I want us to work together so that everyone can get up at the same time. I want you to help others too in a simple way or any way possible.


First of all, find out where you are now. Are you the one who is having a hard time in this situation? Are you the one who can relax and give something to others or are you the only one who has enough left to survive this time?

From this, what do you want to change and remove so as not to end up in this situation. Or, what do you want to retain and sustain because this is what you see you did right that you should continue.


“I must learn how to start an online business.”
“I must have an emergency fund to be ready for the tests.”
“I must get rid of unnecessary expenses, especially vices and luxuries.”

This is how we should think. Let’s just not think about the problem at this point. We need to find a solution and it will serve as a lesson to all of us.


Coincidentally lenten season is now. It is also an opportunity for us to pray for ourselves and the whole world for salvation and protection from our Lord.

He will never leave us or forsake us. God loves us so let us not waste all our remaining energy and time just for fear and apprehension.

“Surrender all your fears to the Lord because
the Lord loves you more than you love yourself. ”


What are your financial goals now?
How can you expand your knowledge to learn different things?
Knowing this, how strong is your faith and love for the Lord?