You’re reading: Summary of “TikTok” 5 ad formats, a new opportunity every advertiser needs to know to enable brands to create innovative communications

What can we do in 15 seconds?

For some, it could be used for tying shoes, solving Rubic problems, breaking world records. Or some people might take these 15 seconds to change the world at all as well.

When talking about “15 seconds” is that today we are talking about a platform to make a short video that has gained popularity around the world,  ‘TikToK’ itself  because TikTok as Platform that brings together all the creativity and expression is. Myself with a short vertical video. It’s the fastest growing app in the last 2 years worldwide!

But do your friends wonder? That’s why this TikTok app has suddenly grown at such a rapid rate, despite the fact that there are now also a video-based social media platform.

So let’s take a look at some interesting statistics from Session  “How the 15-second video platform has changed the world and become a destination for your brand” at the recent DAAT DAY 2019 event  where the TikTok team shared the information. We understand the reason for TikTok’s growth.

(1) TikTok’s start of growth

 Interesting statistics about behavior That contributed to TikTok ‘s growth. 

• The South East Asia region uses the internet for about 6 hours a day.

• Thailand uses the internet up to 2 hours a day (much more than SEA).

• The Gen YZ group stays on the phone for up to 10 hours a day. (Used all the time when you wake up.)

• The Gen YZ group only had 8 seconds of attention span.

From these preliminary statistics, it can be seen that  the Gen Y and Z groups  aged 16-35 years have a very clear behavior in using the internet via smartphones , especially Thai people. In which they will be interested in something for very little time.  Therefore, for a brand to create one content, it has to be interesting and cool enough for the viewer to finish, which is very difficult.

But with  TikTok’s “Short Video” Platform, the Gen YZ crowd is quite interested.  And love to consume these short video content Including being a video creator As well, TikTok is growing rapidly.

(2) To new opportunities in marketing and advertising.

When TikTok gained popularity with Gen YZ, of course, many marketers and advertisers You may see communication and marketing opportunities in the TikTok channel as well, but in the past many people may not have known how TikTok has an advertising model in this channel.

So today, Ad Addict would like to summarize the 5 main ad formats of “TikTok” for friends, advertisers and marketers to update and see the picture more clearly.

By before we get down to the various forms Let me give you a quick overview of how TikTok is suitable for advertising for two main purposes: Reach (Reach) and Engagement (Engage).

But for each purpose, TikTok has various and different communication tools. The details are as follows

Ad formats for  Reach

• Brand Takeover:  The most reachable ad format. Suitable for brands that already have a campaign. And want to promote a short message To create awareness and reinforce before the user enters the Feed.

• TopView:  A top placement ad format that can generate both reach and traffic to a branded page. This is a format that has many millions of impressions or impressions per day.

• In-Feed Ads:  An ad format that will be displayed between Feed VDO Content, which can help with Reach and can also add Call to Action to increase conversions.

Ad format for Engagement purposes  (create a relationship)

• Hashtag Challenge:  An ad format in the form of a campaign. To challenge users to participate in activities to win various prizes Until it became a trend Which can create tremendous engagement with brands

• Branded Effect:  An ad format where brands can create various visual and audio effects for users to choose from in conjunction with their short videos. The model is quite a cost effective investment. Because it creates long-term visibillity in the app, and if any of the effects are interesting. Users have the opportunity to use it often.

From these five main TikTok ad formats, brands can opt for different formats. Together to create communication that effectively responds to TikTok users’ needs and behaviors as well.

But it is interesting besides these ad formats. The back-of-home system for advertising in TikTok itself is a programmatic system that allows advertisers to select specific and appropriate target audiences. While also being able to do data or data to create other marketing strategies such as retargeting as well

(3) Analyze in the Ad Addict perspective

From which Add listened to various information Regarding TikTok’s ad format, Add feels that this is an attractive opportunity for brands that want to reach their target audience and build a strong relationship with young and teenagers. With a variety of ad formats And can use as appropriate

When it comes to advertising formats, it consider that there are quite diverse and interesting communication styles that can create innovative ideas. 

The opportunity to create a flow is not difficult.

Which for many A brand that needs a novelty in communication. If you have an idea This opportunity should not be left too long, because in the future.

TikTok is likely to be another channel that many brands have turned to pay more attention to each other. Therefore, anyone who rushes first will have an advantage at this point.

However As TikTok is still a new communication channel in the industry If anyone is so interesting in doing advertising You can contact Media Donuts, TikTok’s official partners and distributors in Thailand.