6 energy management steps to work in each day. Balancing Office worker edition

Are you having problems with energy lost during work? Enough with conventional energy use Because if you can manage energy well each day. You probably won’t press into reading this, right? 

‘Energy’ is not just for exercise. But if it’s energy that we use in our daily life and work Who can control and manage their daily energy well. It will lead to mental health and efficiency in life every day as well.

So today I have 6 steps to manage energy throughout the day from the add. Come to recommend that your friends can live a quality life, come and leave, oh! All 6 points are just advice. You can follow or adjust according to your own time.

(1) stimulate concentration by ‘Read the book’ (it should not be past the full sunrise time)

The first activity that I recommend is ‘Read books’ because reading books in the morning It is one of the best ways to stimulate concentration. In addition, with the content of the book media Which is quite the same story This creates a sort of information in the brain that allows us to focus on activities. Better during the day 

I noticed that after reading the book We tend to concentrate and think about things. More systematically and calmly But if friends People enjoy the convenience of addiction Social Media than I gave encourage sexual content pages from a single page. Because if we consume various contents From the morning feed It will give you the first concentration of the day. Unable to focus on anything at all 

Also, our brains at the time before the sun rises. Not suitable for receiving information That many Like an athlete who needs to warm up the body first Which if we warm the body too much Will give us no energy left in the competition itself

(2) Boost your energy in the morning with a real breakfast (no later than 10.00) 

Breakfast should be eaten in the morning. Should not have breakfast at noon Which is the right time to eat breakfast, it should not exceed 10 o’clock in the day because until noon we will have time for our body to digest nutrients. It also has energy to work in the morning.

In most cases, many people tend to have breakfast and lunch at the same time as one meal. This will result in our body having faster digestion than normal. And it causes drowsiness during the time that we should have to work there.

(3) Wade through the hardest work first (11.00-13.00)

When preparing both to concentrate on reading And eating breakfast has already increased energy Then it is the time when our body and brain are ready to work the most during 11.00-13.00 hrs. Add recommend to friends. Do the tough job and need as much energy first. 

This is because it is the time when we have the most concentration and energy. Dedication to difficult tasks Will help stimulate the brain to develop It also makes us feel relaxed when we are done before we go into work in the afternoon.

When we can clear the most difficult task of the day. For the rest of the work, we can manage it with little energy. Because we estimate that it is operation that does not require a lot of energy. This allows us to properly balance the difficulty of our work with our energy.

(4) Take a break with short activities (14.00-14.30)

After going through the toughest job Before we go chasing the rest of the easy tasks, we need time for our brain and body to rest. With recreational activities such as board games, mobile games, light sports, or a nap. 

Spend just 30 minutes on short activities. It will make us temporarily out of worries and exhaustion from work. This will result in ample energy to return to clearing the rest of the work. More efficiently

(5) Defeat the rest of the work with proper energy. (14.30-17.00)

With the fact that we have cleared the difficult task Plus we can rest during the day It gives us enough energy to manage the rest of the work efficiently without hurry. It is therefore a good time for freedom of work.

And in the meantime, if the body is drowsy, we can also take a 10-15 minute break during those times to relax as well. This will help reduce the stress from continuing to work there.

(6) Check work + schedule tomorrow (6:00 pm leave)

After spending all day working energy This time it comes to the final step, that is. To check that we have completed all the tasks that are scheduled and completed. Because in work, sometimes there are small details that we overlook. Going back and checking for completeness will make our work more quality.

In addition, in the hour before work, plan for tomorrow’s work ahead of time, this will let you know that there is something else to be responsible for. And when tomorrow comes, we will be able to do the work that we have put in place. By using energy not wasted there

And here are 6 steps to manage energy in the workplace, a man-office version, applied from the add-on. Of course, this is just a guide. In working for each person differently, friends have to know their own working style. And divide it out at the time that best suits us 

If any friends can manage both energy and time to suit their life well enough. We will be able to share more time to do things that make us happy. In the end, add ask your friends Enjoy work and life And do not forget to get enough sleep.