5 + 3 digital trends, technology must know Moving forward after COVID-19

How do digital trends continue after COVID life? New Normal issue .

COVID-19 crisis situation Affecting the world and human behavior, radically changing the way of life of people. Until becoming a catalyst for rapid technological change.

In the past, Microsoft has raised the concept of Resiliency  or the ability to adapt and stand up to the waves of change. There are three big  things.

Response: Response to incidents and changes in a timely manner, Recovery :  plan for restoring work systems and business back to normalcy , Reimagine:  reorienting the business. Ready to accept the needs of the changing world.  

Thanawat Suthamphan, Managing Director of Microsoft  ( Thailand )  Co., Ltd., revealed at the Microsoft press conference  ‘Reinventing life for New Reality’  that  although COVID-19 Will create an impact on businesses around the world Stop the business But from a technology perspective  , COVID-19  is an opportunity for organizations to Businesses have to figure out a way of Reskill, Ups kill, Reimagine to move forward.      

Although COVID-19  affects jobs in many industries, a Microsoft survey found that The future jobs in technology are increasingly compelling all over the world. And in Thailand.

Found that in  2020  employed about digital technology is around  41  million jobs and will increase to  190  million in the year  2025  or the  next 5 years.   

Jobs increased most by the Software Development is  the  98  million jobs. 

Worldwide Digital Technology Employment Trend, Microsoft.

For in Thailand itself Managing Director, Microsoft India stated that employment prospects of digital technologies is increasing as well, that would have employed the services of all industries in  2025  to  3  million jobs by the Software Development  is no primary together.         

So what are the trends in digital technology seeing after COVID-19? Managing Director of Microsoft In summary, listen to an interesting item.  

New Way of Work and Life  

New concept of work and living by using technology to help both work in WFH  , Conferrence , various conferences through platforms.     

Including online learning at the whole school And the university adapts to the situation even more. 

Just  three  months after  COVID-19, nearly  10  times as many   Microsoft  Teames users  (936%)  saw an improvement in enterprise adoption of technology. And in the transition to  Hybrid Workplace.

Virtual Century  

Decade of the virtual world Mixed with the real world even more found that  Virtual  is an interesting trend  today is the Remote Everything that is online today.  Contactless shopping Watching movies without going to the cinema    

But the important thing is that many businesses Many organizations put their services up on digital. What we need to consider is the Customer Experience or consumer experience that we have to find something that is just right, at the right place,  and at the right time.    

When technology can help support automation at every stage For example, a case study of going to the hospital during COVID-19.