Tips for you to invest in COVID-19 situations.

It cannot be denied that during this time the investment is not as smooth as before. Because we have to face COVID-19 that affects the economy. Until it may cause anxiety for some of you.

Market volatility It may diminish the confidence of many of you in the midst of this highly reversible market. We recommend some tips to make you confident. Then turn to investing for saving money for retirement.

Here are 3 tips to help you stay stress-free and focus on investing in the long term.

1. Let the market adhere to the mechanism. Let’s focus on building better stability.

In fact, the volatile market conditions Not all bad news, usually news of market volatility only presents lower unit values. A healthy investment market is naturally fluctuating. Then the resulting volatility will generate a return on risk. The volatility of the market will occur only for a short period of time.

One of the secrets of investor identity, emphasizes value. It focuses on long-term investment plans, especially the investment goals for retirement. Which investing in order to avoid market fluctuations Is no different from buying a plane ticket, even though you know that Definitely have a chance to encounter inclement weather But investing hopes for long-term returns, looking further. When you reach your destination You will forget what obstacles you have encountered.

Destination investment for retirement To get the life that you want This may take up to 30 years of savings, you may need to consider investment options. Stability opportunities And your long-term investment goals until the day you retire. Because of the current news, market volatility does not happen every day. Focus on goals It will help you to ignore these concerns.

2. Only focus on what you can control. Better focus on saving for retirement

Because you can’t control market fluctuations. It’s good to focus on what you can control. With diversification of investments To help spread the risk Will make it flexible Help create balance and maintain a level of return on your investment account. No matter how volatile the market is

For example Buying a mutual fund that invests in debt securities It is one of the options that help spread the volatility of investing in stocks. Or build flexibility by migrating funds Whether it is a stock mutual fund Fixed Income Fund Or mutual funds that invest in other assets To maintain the balance of returns in line with long-term goals

The investment account creation may be initiated through the Principal TH application  that can open an investment account. Easily buy and manage fund units Via smartphone

3. Contact and seek advice from investment experts.

You can contact a financial advisor for advice. To seek advice suitable for investment plans It will help you to understand the situation better. You can also tell if the fluctuation will affect your investment goals or not.If

you do not have a clear retirement investment plan, contact Principal Asset Management to make a confident investment plan and get through this situation. have

** Investors are advised to study the product characteristics (funds), conditions, returns and risks before deciding to invest. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.