Changing tourism trends in foreign countries after the COVID crisis

From the epidemic crisis of COVID-19 As a result, many changes in daily life behavior, for example, from the former sitting at the office. I changed to Work From Home from my normal life, I used to travel on two feet. Become surfing the Internet with your fingertips instead. This life became a life locked in a square. Did not meet the outside world You can just wait for the day to arrange the trip and travel to change the atmosphere. Because at that time where to go Travel in thailand Or traveling abroad.

Even if COVID-19 will disappear in the future, lifestyles and tourism patterns will certainly change. Both business sector Such as travel providers such as airlines or hotels The service may be improved with a greater focus on health. For the tourists themselves The factors in arranging a trip will change as well. Especially foreign tourism.

The direction of foreign tourism on the day when tourists have changed

For anyone who wants to travel abroad In the future, there may be an adjustment trend for both government and tourist sectors. On the part of the government sector, specific health passports (Heath digital passport) may be required for pre-trip health examination under the concept of FTT or Fit to Traveling, in which travelers must maintain their health in order to prepare for the travel In addition, overseas tourism Travelers have to do more homework Both places and travel that need to consider more safety. In the future, the things that tourists will consider before traveling abroad are as follows.

Cleanliness comes first

After living with cleanliness Germ free for many months Attention to germs will become New Normal, people will focus on it until it becomes normal. Tourism is the same. Travelers choose tourist attractions and accommodations based on cleanliness, safety, and germs first. By considering the cleaning system Section of taking care of guests, etc.

In the case of the housekeeping system in the travel industry, Omer Rabin, director of real estate software company. Interview with CNBC about the change in tourism after the COVID crisis. By giving an example of the cleanliness management system within the tourism industry as follows.

The housekeeping system in a property has several elements in common, from the spacing of the occupations to As usual, travelers can stay for each other day by day, they have to change to a longer stay spacing. (Change from the same guest, check out at noon New guests check in at 2pm. A new guest can stay in 9am the next day. To allow time for disinfection) or using applications in the operation, including payment, receipt, opening and closing of room doors to reduce exposure, etc.

Congestion must be reduced

From the past, tourists wanted to visit important places. Famous place Although faced with many fellow travelers But in the future these places May not be in a tourist’s choice anymore Avoidance to face large numbers of people It is a habit of keeping a distance in society. Which may happen with future tourism When keeping your distance becomes As necessary, popular tourist spots may not be popular anymore.

When popular locations become secondary targets. Tourist attractions in the city Architecture visit Experience the culture of each country will decrease. As for nature survey tourism, such as trekking, mountain climbing and deep diving will play an even greater role. Since these activities are not crowded in tourism.

More on your own travel

After the Covid Crisis, Avoidance of Long-Term Coexistence with Strangers It is important to reduce the risk of illness. Therefore, the patterns of foreign tourism have changed. Group excursions will be less. More tourists will turn to travel by themselves. Or if traveling as a group of friends, the number is limited Only the closest ones left. To reduce the risk of disease.

For traveling by yourself The main thing is planning Since choosing the number of companions Want to carry a backpack Single trip Or go with a group of friends Going to go to nature or go on a city trip You must study and plan carefully before leaving. To prevent problems that may come later, such as obtaining a visa in each country, the telephone network used for roaming, preparing if the passport is lost. Which of these matters in the past is the duty of the tour as a moderator. But if traveling by yourself, these are the precautions that must be prepared before traveling abroad.

Private cars are the main choice of transportation.

From traveling behavior during detention Fewer people use public transport. To avoid being exposed to germs Which gives rise to the habit of traveling Therefore, transportation method is another factor in arranging a trip. Traveling with public transport Less buses or trains, and more travel by private cars. To reduce the risk of social spacing.

Therefore, in choosing a tourist destination Therefore, the form of travel is an important factor. Foreign tourism takes the form of walking to public transportation instead of renting a car. 

Attractions will change From the past that used to line the city area After the COVID crisis ended.  Renting a car to drive around the countryside on a road trip will play an even more role. And for anyone planning a road trip, drive a car, travel abroad. Do not forget to apply for an international driving license and get road insurance. Countries to provide added peace of mind when traveling.