The British government initiated a measure of “Eat Out to Help Out” or “EOHO”

To reduce the cost of eating out. From 3 -31 August to assist entrepreneurs of small restaurants, pubs and bars affected by the lockdown period.
There are 83,068 restaurants, pubs, cafes, cafeterias, food courts and member restaurants registered to participate. The Ministry of Finance spent 500 million pounds of budget.

Research indicates the “Eat Out to Help Out” project directly contributes to COVID-19. Came back to spread a new round There were 6 more cases of cluster occurring, causing 8-17% more infections during the end of August. Until the beginning of September the past.

Good response Success as expected

British Ministry of Finance Disclose information that states The consumer’s restaurant usage in the first week of the program was 10.5 million, with 83,068 restaurants, pubs, cafes, canteens, food courts and member restaurants registered in the program.

Meanwhile, after the discount was made, the government paid the restaurant back within five working days and found that there were restaurants in the first week. The government has received 10.54 million rebates from the government and the government has prepared a budget for this project at 500 million pounds or about 20 billion baht. 

The company “Open Table”, a restaurant reservation service Revealed that on August 3, which is the first day of the project.

 The number of restaurant bookings increased by 10% compared to the same period in 2019. Meanwhile, economic analyst “Spring Board” revealed that.

 This program encourages more consumers to eat out. It increase in the number of consumers stopping and shopping during August 3-5, with an 18.9%. Increase in post-dinner hours at 6:00 PM and a 9.6% increase in post-lunch. Time 12.00-14.00.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that the project In addition to stimulating eating, drinking and spending small shops It also reduces the number of unemployed people in the service industry. However, it could have implications for the number of COVID-19 cases. 

Research indicates the cause of the second epidemic 

Warwick University research Indicated that the “Eat Out to Help Out” project of the Ministry of Finance Contribute directly to COVID-19 Came back to spread a new round. Also the epidemic began to decline at the end of the project.

 It was found that the cluster increased in 6 cases, resulting in an additional 8-17% of infected people during the end of August. Until the beginning of September the past.

The latest situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 In England, it has returned to violence again. More than 20,000 people infected each day in 24 hour. The number of cases accumulated to 1.47 million cases, 54,286 people died, while a British Treasury spokesman said. 

The project has little effect on the new increase in the number of infected. As it can be seen that many European countries are having a serious epidemic situation, even without such a program.