How high more can the gold price go?

The price of gold at this time is very hot. Despite the recent profitability of almost $ 100 / ounce. The heat has been reduced, but in the past 1 month, a record-breaking phenomenon, gold prices hit a new record high. The world gold price of 2,075.14 dollars / oz. And the price of gold bars 30,400 baht .

By when the price of gold began to rise. There is a target view of gold prices in the world market. From analysts in the US, up to $ 4,000 / oz. But we will see in the next three years, including the target of the gold price in the country. Which has a view from investors such as Pichai Chawla, who looks at the domestic gold price target may see 40,000-50,000 baht over the next 3 years .

 “Thai e-finance news agency” therefore examined gold price targets from guru in each gold industry. To look at the highest goals Most of them see the direction of gold, there is still a chance to see further It weighs three key factors that support the price of gold: COVID-19 cases. 

Continues to increase throughout the world And there is no obvious preventive or therapeutic drug, Waksan, as of the case of COVID-19. Affect the global economic slowdown. In which central banks around the world have also injected liquidity into the financial system. And the Sino-US conflict To be seen continually.

MTS GOLD looks at the 64th gold target at 2,500 coins. 

 Dr. Kritcharat Hiranyasiri, Chairman of the Executive Board of MTS GOLD Group of Companies, Mae Thongsuk, revealed that in the short term, the gold price has a chance to adjust based on early profitability. But in the medium and long term, it has increased. Looking at the gold target for about $ 2,200 / oz, while in the year 64, the bullion price target is $ 2,500 / oz. The domestic gold price looks at the target at 36,000 baht .

YLG Group eyes gold target in 12 months, $ 2,200

Ms. Thipa Navawatthanasup, Chief Executive Officer of YLG Bullion and Futures Company Limited, revealed that gold prices still have a chance to increase. By looking at the gold price target in the next 12 months, there is a chance of a level of 2,200 dollars / oz. And the price of gold in the country is estimated at 32,500 baht.  

Thongbai Yaowarat looks at Pao Thong for another 6 months 2,300 dollars .

Mr. Teeradej Sinthopruangchai Managing Director of Goldbai Yaowarat (1988) Gold Shop Co., Ltd. revealed that gold prices still have an opportunity to increase. From concerns about the situation between China and the US Including the US election At the end of this year By looking at the gold price target for the next 6 months, there is a chance to see the next target at $ 2,300 / ounce and gold bullion at 32,000 baht. 

Globlec Securities sees gold target for 12 months, reaching $ 2,200 

Mr. Nuttawut Wongyawarak Research Director Globle Securities Company Limited disclosed that if the vaccine prevent or treat COVID-19 Not yet effective. There is a chance that gold prices continue to rise. Being given the highest price target in the next 12 months, world gold at 2,200 dollars / ounce, gold bar 32,600 baht .

Classic Ausiris See 3-Month Resistance $ 2,100 .

Mr. Charan Vetsaksri Director of Investment Advice Investment Advisory Securities Company Classic Ausiris Limited (Classic Ausiris) revealed that the price of the highest price achieved gold. If further adjustments It is expected that in about 3 months there will be the next resistance $ 2,100 / ounce. Gold bar resistance of 30,800 baht, beware of profit-taking of large gold funds, SPDR is a factor that pressures gold prices.

Hua Seng Heng expects to see $ 2,400 next year. 

Ms. Sirilak Pakotiprapa, Director of Analysis of Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Company Limited, revealed that the overall gold price in the next year has a chance to increase further. From the issue of money injected into the economy from financial institutions And low interest rate conditions But the overall price of gold will not be as hot as this year. By looking at the gold price target for next year, 2,400 dollars / ounce, gold bar 35,000 baht .

Bank of America expects another 18 months to reach $ 3,000. 

The global financial institution Bank of America sees the gold price rise as high as $ 3,000 / ounce in 18 months, while Goldman Sachs raised its 12-month forecast for gold to $ 2,300 / ounce. Given the uncertainty of the dollar and JPMorgan, gold prices have a chance to see $ 2,100 / ounce. In the short term.