Sunlight and heat from the sun have a direct effect to your car?

 At this time our home weather is hot like Earth, not the third planet of the solar system, as we have learned. Of course, there is one problem for car users. How should we take care or prepare ourselves to deal with these issues? But still asks for the technical part of caring for basic car systems such as cooling systems or air conditioning systems.

 Because of these, we can read technical articles that are everywhere online. But for parking This one is equally important.

     Let me tell you first that some of you may not be able to choose to park. Because as you know Some places have limited parking spaces.  That I have driven and got this parking lot. But we’re going to say Something, if possible, should be avoided And choose to park in a spot in the building. Also under the shade is better than parking in the sun.

 Especially during the time of the scorching sun Like at noon in the afternoon Which just stops doing business for an hour or two, sometimes it takes effect If accumulated for a long time

     Sunlight and heat from the sun have a direct effect on the vehicle itself.

 Like the subject of the service life of various parts Inside the car. Such as rubber components such as wiper blades, door trim, or glass Including the tires that cover the steering wheel.

 We all know that The rubber is allergic to heat And caused a subsequent hardening and cracking And that includes the plastic parts in the passenger compartment. Which, when parked in the sun, no cooling windows have been opened. The potential risk is that the life of plastic parts tends to be shortened. As well as leather-covered parts such as upholstery.

Rather than suffocation Because the child is in a car that has not started for only 5 minutes, the temperature in the car rises. Will cause the child’s body to sweat until the point where the body cannot stand Blood becomes acidic and organs stop working, resulting in the death of the child.

     Three years ago, Nissan ran a clip of a no-parking campaign in the sun and published it in Japan. Which is stated as If the weather outside is 35 degrees Celsius. It means that the temperature inside the car cabin parked in the sun will reach 70 degrees Celsius. The clip shows that the car is parked in the sun for an hour and a half, which increases the temperature in the cabin from 27 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. It’s not surprising. Because with the glass that hides So the cabin was turned into an oven or the Green House by default.

     This level of heat causes many problems. Both the damage of the belongings that you leave in the cabin. But the most frightening thing is that cars are on fire if you forget those devices with built-in batteries, such as phones, tablets, spare batteries. Or portable computers, including lighters. Where the high heat can cause an explosion.

   The heat generated in the cabin causes liquids such as air fresheners. 

     Next is Subject of the service life of the air conditioning system Of course, you may not see immediate results. But the service life will definitely decrease Because opening the door. Starting the engine and the passenger compartment has a temperature around 50 degrees Celsius. How much force do you need to accelerate the air conditioner to bring the cabin temperature down to a cool level?  If it is a manual air conditioning system.

 Everyone spins the fan all the way, just like the temperature button. And it is the same for automatic air conditioning systems. This means that all systems are operating under command at their maximum for a long time.

     So if having to park the car in the sun It should reduce 1-2 centimeters of glass, 1-2 meters to aid in cooling. But must also take into account whether the parking spot is safe from the criminals or not Including the use of a sunshade to cover the windshield will help to some extent.

Then enter the cabin and leave, but if rushed during the first drive. All the windows are open and let the outside air flow into the cabin for a while, thus closing and finally helping everyone through the summer boat. I have recovered this year as well.