Hydroponic vegetables are vegetables contaminated with chemicals ?

Hydroponic vegetables are vegetables contaminated with chemicals that are eaten frequently, the body is unconsciously exposed to toxins.

Not the first time With confirmation that Hydroponics vegetables are vegetables contaminated with toxins. But there are still many consumers who still misunderstand that Hydroponics vegetables are organic vegetables. Because it is grown without using soil.

 Therefore, there is no chance that the roots of vegetables will absorb chemicals that may come from pesticide injections or chemical fertilizers in the vegetable plot.

But the fact that happened in the process of growing this vegetable. The plant’s roots are in constant contact with nutrient solutions, which are classified as chemicals. Especially nitrates Nitrogen radicals are abundant in nutrient solutions. 

It is reported that Nitrates are harmful to the body. If you eat too much May increase the risk of cancer.

While someone has a hypersensitivity to this substance, they may have immediate symptoms immediately after eating hydroponic vegetables. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cyanosis, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness and if not treated promptly Can be fatal.

Until recently, at the beginning of the year, Thai-PAN revealed the results of the investigation. Hydroponic vegetables That are sold in modern trade More than 60% of the pesticides residue exceeded the standard sampling rate.

It is a truth that shakes the faith of people who understand that Hydroponic vegetables or vegetables grown using this soilless system are safer than regular vegetables.

Hydroponics vegetables are good for health. Misconceptions affect the health of people around the world.

BIOTHAI BIOTHAI found that the problem of chemical residues exceeding the standard of hydroponic vegetables does not occur in Thailand only. Because of studies looking for information on a global scale It was found randomly in Australia. Which is one of the countries that promotes the cultivation of hydroponic vegetables the most in the world Who face the same problem Including in New Zealand.

And from the global hydroponics industry analysis report As a study sponsored by the governments of both countries, it was able to uncover the causes and discover many of the truths that have been hidden for a long time, such as mixing pesticides into nutrients (chemical fertilizers) to provide plant roots. Suction those toxins to kill pests in hydroponics, etc.

Open inspection results The chemical was found in 19 hydroponic vegetables on the market.

“The aim of this surveillance is to analyze residues in vegetables grown without soil or hydroponics. Thai Pan collected 30 samples of hydroponic vegetables from markets and malls both in Bangkok and other provinces. The results of the analysis showed that 19 samples of vegetables showed pesticide residues exceeding the standard, or 63.3% of the total samples. “

Compared to the common fruit and vegetable residues that Thai Pan surveyed and analyzed at the end of last year. Found that the residue was higher In general, vegetables were 54.4% above the standard residue.

Be aware of why hydroponic vegetables Therefore a vegetable contaminated with toxins

Now, many people may have questions as to why hydroponic vegetables. Therefore the vegetables are contaminated with toxic substances possible.

This question is answered by Bio Thai clearly stating that The reason that the chemical residue was higher than the standard in hydroponics vegetables than in soil grown vegetables because.

Most hydroponic vegetables are grown in shaded, wall-mounted greenhouses, so the insecticides and insecticides that are sprayed on the vegetables decay more slowly by sunlight. Not washed by rain or water like other vegetables. Causing accumulation in greenhouses and planting material And not being degraded by soil microorganisms.

Most hydroponics farms are both closed and open systems. Different use chemicals to get rid of insects and fungi.

Hydroponics vegetables can directly absorb nitrate solution rapidly. And have opportunities to accumulate in different parts It is easier to grow vegetables on the ground.

The hydroponic vegetable growing process contains pesticides. Which is mixed in the chemical fertilizer solution and accumulated Causing that chemical to remain in vegetables after harvesting.

I know this All consumers must keep in mind that vegetables hydroponics. It is a vegetable that requires chemicals as an ingredient in growing. Causing the resulting products to have chemical residues When eaten, it is definitely not good for your health.