10 vegetables with the most chemical

Wash vegetables properly More than half the victory

The following washing methods are shared. The Department of Health confirms that it can reduce the chemicals that do not absorb, including methyl parathion, malathion from 6-92%, even if using a soft brush to rub on the skin. The nook of fresh vegetables will help keep vegetables cleaner as well.

When negative facts arise like this Brought to the answer to that problem So what do consumers do? In order to protect yourself, those around you from vegetables that are These chemical residues have.

Know your best. Tips for eating vegetables wisely.

From the document to educate the public on “Buying and washing fresh vegetables and fruits clean and safe” of the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Suggest how to eat vegetables, know that

Clean fresh vegetables Must not have soil or white stains Which is a stain of toxic pesticides Or with a fungus on the leaves Axillary while the vegetable stem Must not be white or have an unusual pungent odor

Choose fresh vegetables that are porous, which are some of the nits and nicks of the caterpillars. Show that the vegetables contain toxic pesticides in amounts that are not very dangerous. You should not buy vegetables that have beautiful leaves.

It is known that Vegetables that are popular with consumers Easily available in the market. It is often detected from pesticide residues. Chemical fertilizers are often the latest, the Department of Health, the agency responsible for promoting good health and well-being for the Thai people. Shocking consumer data revealed after 10 popular vegetables were detected. Most chemical residues.

Know the healthiest 10 vegetables that dominate the chemical residue.

Dr. Danai Theewanda, Deputy Director-General, Department of Health Shocking facts about 10 vegetables found to be problematic. Chemical residue in that high amount.

“Eating vegetables regularly is good for your health. Everyone knows this. But what is worrisome is the problem of chemical or pesticides residues which are harmful to the body. The examination data Chemical residue of It was found that up to 10 vegetables in the market have high levels of pesticide residues: Cantonese, kale, lentils, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, cabbage, morning glory, eggplant and coriander. “

The health hazards that can occur if the pesticide residues are received in large quantities, Dr. Danai explains that patients will experience dizziness, dizziness, diarrhea and may have an acute heart attack. Can be fatal, but if given in small quantities These chemical residues will gradually accumulate in the body and cause cancer eventually.

Also in the vegetables that are sold in the market And all 10 of these vegetables were also detected as E. coli and Salmonella contamination. Which is a pathogen that causes food poisoning Especially vegetables that are popular to eat fresh, such as lettuce, onion, coriander, cabbage, parsley, basil, mint, Centella asiatica, green bean, cucumber, which occurs due to the use of manure fertilizers in cultivation. 

They live in the intestines of animals and are excreted with animal feces. When manure-based fertilizers are used in agriculture, this pathogen can contaminate crops. Can cause diseases in the digestive tract.